Chancery Office

Vicar General


Vice Chancellor

Finance Officer

Vocations Director

     Vocations Committee

Eparchial Coordinator of Care

     Eparchial Advisory Committee on Safe Environment

College of Eparchial Consultors

     Personnel Committee

Presbyteral Council

     Clergy Programs Coordinator

Finance Council

   President: Bishop Bryan Bayda

   Chairman: Fred Shlapak


  • Edward Shawchuk
  • Valerie Bobyk
  • Myron Hrycyshyn
  • Fr. Andryj Onuferko
  • Fr. Zenon Walnyckyj
  • Danylo Hrycyna

     Property Committee

     Insurance Advisory Committee

Eparchial Pastoral Council

Eparchial Assembly (Sobor)

Youth Ministry Office

Catechetical Commission