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Most Rev. Stephen Chmilar D.D.
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Icon of the Holodomor
The Man-Made Famine (genocide) in Ukraine

Shevchenko Monument


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Marian Vidpust

Marian Vidpust

The annual pilgrimage at Mount Mary in Ancaster, ON was held on June 25, 2017.

Bishop Stephen Chmilar was the main celebrant while Bishop Bryon Bayda concelebrated the Divine Liturgy and delivered the homily.

While gentle showers watered the grass outdoors,

the faithful gathered indoors to celebrate the Divine Liturgy.

Sault Ste. Marie Church celebrates 100th anniversary

The Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God

in Sault Ste Marie

celebrates its 100th anniversary this year





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Bishop Stephen celebrates 45th anniversary of priesthood

Bishop Stephen Chmilar

celebrated his 45th anniversary to the priesthood

on June 11, 2017


At a Clergy Conference, the clergy and some special guests congratulated Bishop Stephen Chmilar

and thanked him for his many years of priestly service.

The clergy and guests expressed their support and love for Bishop Stephen with a chorus of AXIOS. 


Photo:  left to right:     Rt. Rev. Bohdan Bilinsky - Syncellus, Most Rev. Stephen Chmilar - Eparch, Rev. Sr. Christina Syrotynski - Provincial SSMI,

Most Rev. Bryan Bayda - Eparch of Saskatoon, Rev. Sr. Theresa Matwe - Sr. Superior SSMI

Bishop Stephen prays panachyda


Bishop Stephen and the clergy

pray a panachdya

for His Beatitude Cardinal Lubomyr Husar

at the clergy monument.




Letter from Pope Francis to His Beatitude Sviatoslav




Letter of the Holy Father to His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk, major archbishop of Kyiv-Halyč, on the occasion of the funeral of Cardinal Lubomyr Husar, 05.06.2017


The following is the Letter sent by the Holy Father to His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk, major archbishop of Kyiv-Halyč, Ukraine, on the occasion of the funeral of Cardinal Lubomyr Husar, major archbishop emeritus of Kyiv-Halyč, who died on 31 May.


Letter of the Holy Father

To His Beatitude

Sviatoslav Shevchuk

Major Archbishop of Kyiv-Halyč


On the day of the Christian celebration of the dear earthly presence of the major archbishop emeritus of Kyiv-Halyč, Cardinal Lubomyr Husar, I wish once again to be among those who pray to the heavenly Father, entrusting to Him the elected soul of our Brother.

I am urged to do so by the extraordinary influx of people who in these days have come to pay homage to the mortal remains of the Cardinal and of whom I have come to know. This presence is an eloquent sign of what he was: one of the highest and most respected moral authorities of recent decades for the Ukrainian people.

I address you, Beatitude, with whom I have a long-standing relationship of knowledge and esteem, to comfort you in the loss of one who was for you a father and spiritual guide.

He was thus for the entire Greek Catholic Church, which he gathered from the “catacombs” where she was forced to flee persecution, and to whom he restored not only the ecclesiastical structures, but above all the joy of her history, founded on faith through and beyond any suffering.

After the laborious and intense period of his ministry as “father and head” of the Greek Catholic Church, and with the arrival of old age and illness, his presence among the people changed in style, but, if possible, became even richer and more intense. He regularly intervened in the life of your country as a wise teacher; his way of speaking was simple, understandable to all, but very profound. His was the wisdom of the Gospel, it was the bread of the Word of God broken for the simple, the suffering, for all those who sought dignity. His exhortations were gentle, but also very demanding for all. He prayed tirelessly for all, aware that this was his new duty. And many felt they were represented, addressed and comforted by him, believers and non-believers, even overcoming confessional differences. Everyone felt that a Christian was speaking, a Ukrainian impassioned by his identity, always full of hope, open to the future of God. He had a word for everyone, he was able to “feel” people with the warmth of his great humanity and his exquisite gentleness. He loved, most of all, to engage in dialogue with the young, with whom he had an exceptional capacity for communication, and who came to him in great numbers.

I am moved to think that today all Ukraine mourns him, but also that many are certain that he reposes in the embrace of the heavenly Father. They feel that, after having had a coherent and credible example of life, they will be able to benefit from his prayer, with which he will protect his still-suffering people, marked by violence and insecurity, and nonetheless sure that Christ’s love never disappoints.

With gratitude for this unique religious and social presence in Ukraine’s history, I invite you to be faithful to his constant teaching and his total trust in Providence. Continue to be aware of his smile and his caress.

Upon all over you, beloved Ukrainians, at home and in the diaspora, I invoke abundant heavenly blessings.

From the Vatican, 5 June 2017.


+His Beatitude Cardinal Lubomyr

Inline image 1

+His Beatitude Lubomyr Husar

February 26, 1933 - May 31, 2017

God of spirits and all flesh,
You trampled death,
You made the devil powerless,
and You gave life to Your world.
Now, O Lord, to the soul of Your servant,
+His Beatitude Cardina Lubomyr
who has fallen asleep,
grant rest in a place of light,
a place of verdure,
and a place of tranquility,
from which pain, sorrow and mourning have fled,
As the good and loving God,
forgive every sin of thought, word or deed he has committed,
There is no one who will live and will not sin,
for You alone are sinless.
Your justice is everlasting justice and Your word is truth.

For You, O Christ our God,
are the Resurrection, the Life and the Repose of Your servant,

His Beatitude Cardinal Lubomyr
who has fallen asleep:
and we give glory to You,
together with Your eternal Father
and You most holy, good and life-giving Spirit
now and forever and ever . Amen


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March for Life

March for Life









To Forgive


How to learn to forgive?

Advice from the Head of the UGCC




Як навчитися прощати?

Поради Глави УГКЦ







ARISE - Youth Pilgrimage



Youth Pilgrimage

This year during the Eparchical Youth Pilrimage, our young people visited and participated in services at

St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Brantford,ON,

ST. Nicholas Ukrainiann Catholic Churchin Toronto

and the Protection of the Mother of God Church in Toronto.


A very special thanks to the pastors who accepted and hosted the youth

and also to the co-ordinators and cousellors who accompanied the young people on this spiritual journey.

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